The ST Global Consortium is a consortium made up of graduate students from Arizona State University, Ecole des Mines de Paris, George Mason University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, the University of Maryland, and Virginia Tech who coordinate the Science & Technology in Society conference. This organization grew out of a series of annual graduate student conferences sponsored by George Mason University, George Washington University, Virginia Tech, and AAAS that began in 2001. Our aim is to attract graduate students from all over the world. Our society is organized around a deep interest not only in the impact of science, technology, and engineering on society, but also on how ethical, intellectual, cultural and social forces exercise reciprocal influences on the production of knowledge and its applications.

The main purpose of our society is to bring together graduate students from a traditionally fragmented community of scholars that study policy and social issues of S&T. Our society draws graduate students from programs as diverse as science and technology studies, public policy, science and technology policy, and engineering and public policy. By bringing these disciplines together, we hope to create mutual understanding between these fields and to make the S&T community more cohesive.

Our conference series provides graduate students with a formal but accessible venue to present their work and to develop professional skills. The conferences also afford graduate students the opportunity to build research networks and to gain feedback from peers and professionals from a diverse array of backgrounds. At the same time, our conferences provide graduate students with a forum to discuss career options with S&T policy professionals working in both academic and non-academic career tracks.

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