2008 Conference InformationEdit

When: April 5 - 6, 2008

Where: AAAS Headquarters

Guidelines for Presenters

2008 STiS CFP (Info page: here)

Keynote SpeakersEdit


2008 STiS Conference Agenda (Info page: here)


Session 1 - April 5, 10:15am-12:30pmEdit


Moderator: Bonnie Stabile (GMU) Revelle Room


Moderator: Todd La Porte (GMU) Haskins Room

Globalization & STEM

Moderator: Janet Abbate (VT) Abelson Room

Innovation 1

Moderator: Nicholas Vonortas (GWU) Auditorium

Session II - April 5, 3:45 – 6:00Edit

Science & Ethics/Philosophy

Moderator: Fabian Muniesa (Ecole des Mines) Auditorium

Environmental and Water Policy

Moderator: Daan Schuubiers (Delft University of Technology) Haskins Room

Innovation 2

Moderator: David Hart (GMU) Abelson Room

Environment (General)

Moderator: Alison Vogelaar (Georgetown University) Revelle Room

Session III - April 6, 10:30 – 12:45Edit

Sustainable Development

Moderator: Christopher Hill (GMU) Revelle Room

Energy & Transportation

Moderator: Nathan Hultman (University of Maryland) Abelson Room

Technology Assessment & Policy

Moderator: David Goldston Haskins Room

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