AAAS HeadquartersA Review of Biofuel Policies in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007: Filling in the HolesA Rhetorical Analysis of Competing Copyright Conceptualizations, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Creative Commons
A trend analysis of EPO patents in the food sectorAdvancing Defense and Intelligence Capabilities through Venture Capitalist PartnershipsAn Invisible Connection: Information Theory, Cognitive Psychology and Humankind
Application of Remote Sensing to Urban Environmental MonitoringAssessing Flemish citizens' moral argumentations on nanotechnologies: an incentive to reconsider the interactive Technology Assessment approach to new and emerging technologiesAssessing societal impact of health research in the Dutch Life Sciences: A quantitative approach
Balancing National Security and Scientific OpennessBetween Progress and Decline in Green Engineering: The Two Poles of the Environmentalist ContinuumBiomedical Research and Health: Disease Specific Earmarks and NIH Appropriations
Bridging the divide between science and society: the case of institutionalised technological reflexivityCitizen science: Trans-expertise partnerships and heterogeneous networks for distributed knowledge productionClosure by Unclosure. A perspective on the role of conflict in the study of technological controversies
Coal Mining Design and Environmental SustainabilityCommunicating dioxin risks with or without scientific justifications in the Korean societyConcentrated Photovoltaics for Industrial Facilities
Control Theory: Why Pollution Control Technologies Have Failed to Keep PaceDesign Theory and Ethics: Affinities and ConnectionsEcosystem approaches to managing the Laurentian Great Lakes: philosophical and practical differences
Effect of international technology diffusion on the demand of skilled labor in low and medium technology (LMT) sectorsEvaluating Subjective Expert Judgment for Science Policy: An Application of the Bayesian Truth SerumExamining Potential Futures: A Designer's Toolbox for Identifying Potential Social and Cultural Implications
Facebook "Friends": How Digital Identities Affect Offline RelationshipsFixing the Vote, the Better Elections through TechnologyFluctuating Wind in Networks of Stability – The Encounter between the Electrical Grid and Wind Turbines
Foreign Doctoral Recipients: Fields of Study, Nationality, Baccalaureate Origins, and Impact on Ph.D Admissions and Production in the United States (1997-2004)From Federal Paternalism to Political Autonomy: White Mountain Apache Cultural Appropriation of Science and Technology, 1933-2000Fuzzy Analysis Of Traffic Flows Through Intelligent Tunnel System
George Mason UniversityGovernance of Environmental Impacts of High-tech Industry in Developing Countries: Top-down versus Bottom-up ApproachesGovernment Enabled Innovation: Different Strategies to Promote Public and Private Innovation
Guidelines for Presenters 2008ICTs in Development: Examining Diffusion Models in Network Infrastructure ProjectsImplications of Scientists' Use of Social Computing Technologies for Scientific Communication, Science Policy, and Public Understanding of Science
Intensification of Artisanal Fishery: Conflict and Conflict Management. New Roles for Local Institutions for Fisheries Management in MozambiqueInternational Medical Technology Transfer for Sustainable DevelopmentIs Interlinking of Rivers Project through inter- basin regional water transfer a possible remedy for solving water crisis in India? A Critique of the National Water Policy in India
Local HotelsMySpace, Facebook and Employee PrivacyOn the performativity of science-fiction: A semiotic approach to the development of virtual worlds
Paying for the Future of Transportation: Technology Enabling a Market Based ApproachProgramming Languages as Designed ObjectsPublic Policy and the Geospatial Information Commons
Public Reasoning and the Emergence of Global Environmental Governance Regimes: The Case of IMoSEBReality Check Plus - Energy Use Scenario for the State of MarylandRethink “Brain-Drain”: China’s High-skilled Migration
STiS 2007STiS 2008Science and Technology Global Consortium
Science and Technology in Society WikiScience and health policy: the growth of addictology in FranceState science, irrigation policies and resettlement management: the multidimensional effects of a large dam on the social reorganization of a village in Central India
Striving to minimize ‘missed opportunities’ in Central Arizona water management: One boundary organization’s attempt to reconcile the local supply of and demand for scienceTechnology as a promise for environment: a comparative approach on green policies of two energy technologies in France and in the United KingdomThe Economic Impact of University R&D in Relation to University Patenting
The Partnerships Of Academic Spin-Offs: From Transfer To Collective ExplorationThe STEM Doctoral Degree Trends of Asians in the United StatesThe Scientific and the Catastrophic: an Anthropological View
Translating Uncertainty into Policy: Influenza Transmission and Mask ChoiceTravel InfoWetland Social Characterization and Management
What to do in Pandemic FluWhen Science Advice Matters: Perspectives from Divergent Literature
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