Article InformationEdit

Title: Fuzzy Analysis Of Traffic Flows Through Intelligent Tunnel System

Author(s): Andrej Stijepić

Affiliation: University of Ljubljana

Presented At: STiS 2008

Primary Topic Area: Transportation Policy


Accidents that occurred in major road tunnels of European countries in the past pointed to the deficiency of safety management in these systems. Road tunnels represent a relatively weak link in road traffic communications in respect of safety. Tunnels are, as a matter of fact, relatively closed and not easily accessible places; their walls represent physical obstacles. In case of fire during transportation of flammable goods, freight or fuel, temperatures accumulated in the interior of the tunnel are high and resist for a relatively long time. Tunnel walls make heat dispersion difficult.

In order to prevent undesirable events or at least reduce their incidence, specialists are trying to improve safety level in road tunnel systems by pursuing a safety policy by planning and making preparation for appropriate action in the event of such an occurrence. Fuzzy decisions allow effective control of safety and related hazards. They are based on the analysis of values that describe the conditions inside and in front of the tunnel, acquired experiences and knowledge of the field of research. Fuzzy logic allows a systems approach to safety and is indicative of the eventual occurrence of serious accidents. Fuzzy logic ensures safety of tunnel systems and efficient management organization at the same time.

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